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Stakeholder analysis

Identify, prioritize, and engage stakeholders at every stage of product development

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About the stakeholder analysis template

The best way to get stakeholders invested in your product's success? Involve them at different stages in the product development process and recognize the varied perspectives and expertise they bring.

In the early stages, seek input that will help shape your product vision and strategic direction. During ideation and roadmapping, gather feedback to ensure stakeholder needs are met. Provide regular updates as plans take shape and development gets underway.

Engaged stakeholders become your biggest advocates. So cultivate a supportive network and see what happens.

Best practices

Align everyone's interests and improve cross-team communication.

  1. List all stakeholders Identify key stakeholders and whether they are internal or external to your organization. Categorize their level of interest and influence to help you prioritize who requires more attention and communication.

  2. Define their involvement Understand each stakeholder's level of participation. Use the RACI model — an acronym that stands for responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed — to clarify roles and responsibilities for specific steps in your product development process.

  3. Get clear on expectations Summarize what is important to each person. Knowing what motivates them and the outcomes they care about is key to successfully managing their involvement.

  4. Communicate clearly Tailor your communication approach. Find out the best way to engage with each stakeholder — such as meetings, email, or chat tools — to keep them engaged and informed.

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