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Kano model

Prioritize features using the Kano model

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About the Kano model template

Prioritizing product work is key to delivering value efficiently. The Kano model is a popular framework given its focus on understanding customer satisfaction.

The model categorizes features into three main groups: basic/must-have, performance, and delight. Basic/must-have features are essential functionalities that customers expect as a minimum requirement. Performance features are those that directly correlate with customer satisfaction. And delight features are unexpected but highly appreciated additions that can differentiate your product in the market.

Map features based on their Kano classification and then prioritize according to the impact each feature will have on customer needs. Translate these priorities into actionable tasks within Aha! Roadmaps — streamlining the process from prioritization to implementation seamlessly.

Best practices

Prioritize product features based on how they influence customer satisfaction.

  1. Explore your options Compare the potential value of new features based on whether they are likely to satisfy or disappoint your customers. Add sticky notes to represent new functionality or import existing work items as cards directly from Aha! Roadmaps.

  2. Capture customer sentiment Use emojis to convey how customers feel about each feature. Indicate whether each one is a delighter that generates excitement, a performance capability that directly impacts satisfaction, or a must-have requirement that customers expect by default.

  3. Assess need vs. satisfaction Place your features on the Kano model. Delighter and must-have features typically have a stronger impact on customer satisfaction (positive or negative), while performance features follow a more linear path. Items in the center of the grid fall into the indifference zone.

  4. Align on priorities Invite colleagues to weigh in. Move features around as you discuss how best to meet customer needs. Run a voting session to determine which ones to move ahead with and add them directly to your roadmap.

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