A New Way for Portal Users to View Teammates' Ideas

The "My organization" menu is available in Aha! Ideas Advanced.

July 27, 2022

A New Way for Portal Users to View Teammates' Ideas

by Claire George

"We want to easily view our company's ideas in the portal." Many of you asked for this functionality to help understand which ideas in your Aha! ideas portal were submitted by your own team. And many of you wanted to allow your customers to view their colleagues' feedback in your ideas portal as well.

Portal users in Aha! Ideas can now see all the ideas submitted by their colleagues in a single view — so they can understand what their teammates are asking for.

Ideas portals are the best way to crowdsource feedback and engage your community in one place. Once a portal user submits a new idea or votes for an existing one, they can keep tabs on those requests through the existing "My ideas" and "My votes" menus. This allows them to see the latest status and catch up on any additional comments. (Plus, portal users can also be notified via email about any changes.)

In a similar vein, customers often want to know which ideas matter to other people in their organization — so they can gain better visibility into desired improvements across the team. The new "My organization" menu lets verified portal users see all the ideas submitted by others with the same organization.

You can sort this view to see the company's most popular ideas and drill in to see who voted and commented on specific requests. This helps teammates support each others' ideas and gives product champions a better way to assess and advocate for what their company needs.

This update builds on our existing organizations functionality in the Aha! Ideas Advanced plan for analyzing ideas at the company level. If you have already set up organizations then you are one step ahead — you just need to enable the "My organization" option in your portal settings. If not, getting started is easy. You can automatically create organizations based on the email domains of your portal users, import via CSV, add organizations manually, or sync account information from Salesforce.

Here's how to give customers more visibility into their company's ideas:

Make the "My organization" menu visible

Start by having a customization admin enable the "My organization" option in your portal settings. The new menu will be immediately visible to any portal users who are associated with an organization in your ideas account. (Note that the actual name of the organization will not be displayed in the portal.) You can rename "My organization" in your terminology settings to match the language your team uses, such as "My company" or "My account."

If you create organizations automatically, new organizations will be added as portal users join with new domains — so customers will always see their organization view.

Now let's take a look at the ideas portal from your customers' perspective. Your customers can now click on the "My organization" menu to get a complete view of all ideas their company has voted for. They can sort by recent, trending, and popular ideas to see what matters most to their teammates. They can also filter requests by status to understand what is planned and what has already shipped.

See exactly who voted for an idea

Your customers can gain clarity about what their teammates want. They can see which comments were added by members of their organization and click on the "My organization's votes" tab to see a list of who voted. This helps them understand what others in their organization are trying to accomplish and why — so they can connect on common needs across their team.

Teammates' comments will now be denoted with "My organization" in parentheses after their name.

Give your customers a view of what their team is asking for in your ideas portal — they will appreciate being able to access this information and you will benefit from their coordination when they express what they need as a group.

Try out the new functionality and let us know what you think. Our product team evaluates requests by organization too — to help us prioritize great ideas coming from every company.

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