6 New Whiteboard Templates To Start Building Your Product Roadmap

New whiteboard templates for creating visual roadmaps in Aha! Create

March 30, 2023

6 New Whiteboard Templates To Start Building Your Product Roadmap

by Claire George

Editor's note: Aha! Create is now Aha! Notebooks. See what is new.

We have been busy delivering new whiteboard capabilities to help you visualize your early-stage plans — including tables, timelines, and progress bars. But designing a roadmap from a blank canvas can still be time-consuming work. So we created a set of beautiful whiteboard templates to help product managers everywhere craft a visual roadmap in minutes. This is a great approach if you are not already using a sophisticated roadmap planning tool like Aha! Roadmaps.

You can now showcase your roadmap on a whiteboard in Aha! Create — choosing from six popular templates to match your needs.

Navigate to the new Roadmap category in the whiteboard template library. Here, you will find options for everything from communicating your overall product strategy to highlighting the timing of releases, epics, and features. These templates were handcrafted by Aha! experts based on many years of experience helping product teams build lovable software. Each template comes with advice on best practices and an inspirational example to help you shine.

Customize each template to your liking. Then share your whiteboard with the team and refine the details together — in real time or asynchronously. When you are ready to build a formal delivery plan, seamlessly convert whiteboard objects into Aha! Roadmaps. This makes it easy to quickly visualize your thoughts and then capture features that are ready for product development.

Here is a closer look at the new whiteboard templates:

Product roadmap: Communicate your product direction

Visualize your overall product strategy. Highlight your strategic initiatives and then plan out the key epics and features needed to achieve them. Share your roadmap with company leaders, internal teams, and even customers to gain alignment — easily adjusting the details as needed.

Customize the style and color of your roadmap to reflect your brand.

Strategic roadmap: Visualize the high-level plan

Show what you want to achieve and how you will get there. This template is ideal for displaying the timeline of your major initiatives and the new areas of functionality you will implement to support each one. Use it to rally your team around your product strategy before you go deeper into the planning details.

Adjust the timeline component to show a three-month, six-month, or year-long time range — or set a custom date range.

Portfolio roadmap: Showcase work across your portfolio

Lay out your portfolio plans in a single view. Set the roadmap timeline and add a swim lane for each of your products or product lines. Then capture the high-level initiatives for each product and show the timing of releases. This view is great for aligning plans across different business units, divisions, or teams in your organization.

Add milestones to your template to communicate upcoming release dates.

Release roadmap: Coordinate dates, deliverables, and dependencies

Use this Gantt-style roadmap to plan major product launches. Visualize the key phases of work that need to happen, highlight important milestones, and identify cross-team dependencies. Share the plan with other teams — such as engineering, marketing, sales, and support — to ensure everyone knows what needs to happen and when.

Use connectors to show dependencies between deliverables on your roadmap.

Epics roadmap: Prioritize work across multiple releases

Create an epics roadmap to show how you plan to deliver value to customers. Visualize upcoming releases and include the epics that will be completed in each one. Include the overall goals that each release supports to share how you are moving your product strategy forward.

Use the annotation shape for commenting on timing and trade-offs.

Features roadmap: Communicate what is coming and when

Fine-tune the details on your roadmap. Plan which features will ship with each release and how they support the goals and initiatives. Once you have finalized the details, share with internal teams to set delivery expectations. This helps everyone connect the "why" to the "what" and "when" of your plans.

Update the progress bar for each feature to show the status of the work.

Use these whiteboard templates to save time visualizing your roadmap — so you can quickly get to work building new functionality to delight your customers.

We hope you love using these whiteboard templates. And tell us what templates you want to see next. We are adding new ones to the library every week — providing expert guidance to help you do your best work, no matter where you are in your product management journey.

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