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July 21, 2016

How to Spot the Weasel in Your Office

Everyone is talking these days about “Pokemon Go.” Nintendo’s augmented reality game is sending kids and grownups wandering into the streets searching for Pokestops. The…

July 19, 2016

6 Traits of Highly Successful Product Teams

Building a product that is meaningful and lasting is tough. It’s also a remarkable experience when it happens. Once you get a taste of product success, nothing else will…

July 18, 2016

7 Tips to Hire the Perfect Product Manager

Product managers are a relatively new position at companies big and small. In order to summarize the very high expectations that come with the role, job descriptions…

July 14, 2016

You Don't Need a Vacation

Summer is in full swing. Time to pack up the car and head out for a holiday. Time to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and kick back — right?

July 11, 2016

The Biggest Opportunity Most Startups Miss

The tide is turning for some startups. I have seen the worried faces in Silicon Valley — and they are not without reason. Funds that were easy to snag in the past are now…

July 7, 2016

The Wrong Way to Make Your Resume Stand Out

It is still a tough job market out there. And some folks will go to great lengths to get noticed by employers and recruiters. Jobseekers even grab headlines for the…