8 Blogs That Will Inspire You to Be a More Productive Product Manager
January 30, 2018

8 Blogs That Will Inspire You to Be a More Productive Product Manager

by Keith Brown

Ask a product manager how the year is going so far. I bet the answer will include the word “busy.” I do not have to tell you this, right? If you are anything like the product managers I know, I bet you started 2018 at top speed.

The time for finalizing annual product plans is over — now is the time to do the actual work. You are presenting to leadership. Talking with customers. Working closely with development. And leading the cross-functional team efforts.

In other words, you are really, really, really busy. There is a lot to get done.

Our team at Aha! can relate. We set ambitious goals and tackle them with gusto. And we are always pushing ourselves to get more done. But we know it is important to make room for meaningful conversations in between all those to-dos and tasks. One big question has been on our minds lately.

Is it truly possible to think big and be wildly productive at the same time?

This month, we took some time to reflect on this. We wrote a lot about productivity on the Aha! Blog — how to boost it and what gets in the way. These insights helped us shape how we will work in 2018 and we hope they can help you too.

Here are 8 blogs to help you be a more productive product manager:

You worked hard to make your 2018 product roadmap ambitious and achievable. Now, it is time to put that plan into action. Here are four ways to get started right now. Read more…

There is a reason your meeting schedule feel endless — many have no organizer, no agenda, no clear goals, no questions or action items for attendees. But you can take steps to lighten the load. Read more…

Do you know the difference? Both plans are critical for product management and to the success of the product. But in order to create these plans, you need to understand the nuances of how they differ. Read more…

You likely use both in your job as a product manager. So, the question becomes: When do you use these different vessels? Before you can answer that, you need to understand what makes them different. Read more…

You might be guilty of it — it is being the not-so-responsive co-worker. And remote teams cannot function without constant communication. Start working on your communication skills so everyone on the team can get more done. Read more…

To actually build what customers care about, good product managers need to be great project managers. Get six ways to develop better project management skills. Read more…

Our Customer Success team — all experienced product managers — share their best advice for surviving (and thriving!) at a new product management job. Starting with tip number one: Build your core team. Read more…

Perfect moments are when you work hard or serve others and the result is greatness. These moments do not have to be rare. In fact, you can have them every day — in all areas of life, including work. Read more…

Being extra busy does not lead to greatness. All that activity does not mean anything unless you are doing meaningful work.

So, instead of focusing on how many hours you are putting in — focus on what you really want to achieve this year for yourself, your customers, and your team.

When you do this, you will (of course) be a busy product manager. But I bet you will be a happy one too.

What are your strategies for boosting productivity?

Keith Brown

Keith Brown

Keith was a VP of Marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software.

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