Simple project roadmap templates for complex work

Aha! Roadmaps has everything you need to plan and complete major projects. Choose from a library of project roadmapping templates, build out project plans, and manage the cross-functional work needed to deliver on time.

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Streamline work with project management roadmap templates — so you can focus on making progress towards your objectives

Set clear objectives for winning projects

Successful projects start with a clear plan that keeps everyone focused on what tasks needs to happen and when. And when tasks pile up, your goals can help you focus on the work that matters most.

Create your project plans in Aha! Roadmaps and link every detail to your overarching business goals. Capture the strategic direction that keeps teams communicating, collaborating, and accountable to key milestones.

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Project Schedule Details

Define, manage, and report on every project detail

Project managers keep chaos in check. You coordinate cross-functional work and manage resources. But all that time you spend chasing updates, adjusting plans, and switching between different tools makes it difficult to maintain momentum.

With Aha! Roadmaps, you have a central location for all of your project plans to live. You can manage complex tasks, schedules, and dependencies across the different groups you work with. Plus, send required work and instant updates to other tools with dozens of integrations.

Manage project details ➝

Project Gantt Chart

Visualize progress on a project roadmap

Project roadmaps are powerful tools for visualizing your project timeline. With a project roadmap template, you can see planned, current, and completed activities at a glance.

Aha! Roadmaps has everything you need to communicate what it will take to successfully deliver a project. Monitor updates on your project roadmap in real time — and even automatically calculate the percent of work completed to report on progress as you deliver against your plan.

Create your project roadmap ➝

Capacity report

Establish best practices for exceptional results

Capacity. Budget. Project requirements. With so many factors to consider, it can be challenging to set realistic deadlines and align on processes.

Aha! Roadmaps helps you standardize project management across your organization. Create custom, streamlined workflows and manage available resources with a capacity planning report — so you can drive repeatable success.

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Integrate Aha! Roadmaps with 30+ tools

Create a variety of roadmaps

Frequently asked questions about project roadmap templates

What is a project roadmap?

A project roadmap is a powerful tool for communicating project goals, tasks, dependencies, and more. It visually connects your project strategy (the "why") to the work you will do to achieve it (the "what") and maps it all on a timeline view (the "when").

What is the difference between a project roadmap and project plan?

A project roadmap is a high-level visualization of a project. Project roadmaps are helpful for communicating progress and dependencies. A project plan includes all of the requirements, activities, and task-level details that need to happen.

What does a project roadmap include?

The details of your project roadmap will vary, but most include project goals and objectives, important phases and tasks, resource allocation, a project timeline, and potential risks.

How do you create a project roadmap?

You can create a roadmap in minutes with dynamic project roadmap templates in Aha! Roadmaps. Enter your data once and build a variety of views — so you can spend less time with manual updates and more time working towards your project goals.

Can I import my data to project roadmap templates in Aha! Roadmaps?

It is easy to bring your existing project plans into Aha! Roadmaps. You can import a CSV file of data — or import existing project plans from tools like Jira. Read more about project workspaces in Aha! software.

Expand your roadmap expertise

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