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Bring a new level of structure to your processes so you can focus on making progress against your business objectives

What is a project roadmap?

A project roadmap is a strategic planning tool to visualize project goals and tasks within a timeline. They visually connect your project strategy (the "why") to the work you will do to achieve it (the "what") and maps it all on a timeline view (the "when").

This helps teammates and stakeholders gain an understanding of progress and what it will take to successfully deliver the project. Project roadmaps are powerful communication tools that reinforce deadlines, drive towards milestones, and allocate resources.

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Why do you need a project roadmap?

Successful projects start with a clear plan that keeps everyone focused on what tasks needs to happen and when. Project roadmaps provide the strategic direction that keeps teams communicating, collaborating, and accountable to key milestones.

Keeping track of progress across teams can be tricky when everyone is working in different tools. Roadmap tools help you link strategy, prioritize work, build visual plans, and report on progress in a single view.

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What is the difference between a project roadmap and project plan?

A project roadmap is a high-level overview of a project. This visualization is helpful for leadership teams to understand progress and dependencies. A project plan includes all of the requirements, activities, and task-level details that need to happen. These details are important as your work with cross-functional product managers and marketing teams.

Project roadmaps and project plans each have their place during the lifecycle of a project. Our project roadmap software provides a central location for all of your project plans to live so you can monitor progress across your portfolio day to day.

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What is the difference between a Gantt chart and a roadmap?

While roadmaps and Gantt charts may looks similar, the purpose of each is different. Gantt charts focus on the "when" and "what" of your work and typically include the details of how your team will complete the work. Roadmaps, on the other hand, highlight the strategic objectives of a team but do not get into the level of detail a Gantt chart usually does.

Gantt charts can serve as an extension of your roadmap. Use it to manage complex projects across the different groups you work with.

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What does a project roadmap include?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a project roadmap. The content and format of your project roadmap depend on who you are building it for. Project roadmaps often include:

  • Project goals and objectives

  • Important phases and tasks

  • Resource allocation

  • Project timeline

  • Potential risks

But project plans are often dynamic and ever-changing. Cloud-based project roadmap templates help everything stay in sync as long-term plans evolve.

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How do you make a project roadmap?

Creating a compelling project roadmap takes deep planning and ruthless prioritization. Start by considering your audience. Do they need to know minute details or broader initiatives? Then determine what information is important to include so you communicate what you need to.

Free Excel and PowerPoint templates are often where project managers first start building roadmaps. But working with scattered documents quickly becomes chaotic with complex projects. Aha! Roadmaps includes dozens of project roadmap templates so you can enter your data once and build a variety of views.

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Frequently asked questions about project roadmap templates

What is a roadmap template?

Roadmap templates are preformatted guides that you can customize to create your own roadmap. These templates provide inspiration and can save you valuable time because you do not have to start from scratch.

What are the different types of roadmap templates?

Roadmap templates range from big picture views like a strategy roadmap, a multi-project portfolio roadmap, or a detailed activities roadmap. You can also craft your own with a starter or custom roadmap. All of these options provide flexibility and can be adapted to fit your project needs.

What kinds of templates does Aha! Roadmaps offer?

Aha! Roadmaps has a comprehensive library of project roadmap templates. Quickly enter any existing project data to start. Then select from more than a dozen roadmap templates. Customize your selection with the data and layout you need and share with the rest of your team.

Can I import my data to project roadmap template?

Yes. It is easy to bring your existing project plans into Aha! Roadmaps. You can import a CSV file of data — or import existing project plans from tools like Jira.