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Scrum framework

Capture how your team implements scrum

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About the scrum framework template

Many product and engineering teams follow the scrum framework for an iterative approach to product development. Short sprints make it possible to deliver value quickly. However, you still need a method for setting strategic goals and initiatives and moving through phases of the entire product development process.

Use this template to diagram and standardize your team's scrum workflows. It comes with defined activities and detailed best practices that you can customize for your organization. Then, link to where the work should be completed in Aha! Roadmaps.

You also have the option to build your own framework from scratch or leverage The Aha! Framework — the model we have used and refined since we started Aha! more than 10 years ago.

How to use

Show how your team follows scrum while planning and delivering software.

  1. Diagram key steps Use the framework diagram as-is or customize it to suit your needs. Add shapes, labels, and arrows to map out every step in your product development process.

  2. Add callouts Annotate directly on the diagram to clarify exactly what happens during each step. Summarize the work, define best practices, and link to other resources.

  3. Adjust the details Share your diagram with team members and stakeholders. Review your process together, capturing comments and highlighting areas that require further definition.

  4. Increase transparency Include your diagram in your internal wiki. This establishes a common understanding of how your process works and drives consistency across teams.

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