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SAFe® framework

Capture how your team implements agile at scale

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About the SAFe framework template

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) offers a way to apply agile and lean practices on a large scale. Success with SAFe hinges on how well you set strategy, create plans, and organize development to ensure real value flows from strategy through to implementation.

This template is a powerful tool for diagramming and standardizing your team's SAFe (or SAFE-ish) workflows. Document the entire product development process, add best practices, and link to where the work should be completed in Aha! Roadmaps.

If you find the framework to be excessively prescriptive, you might try The Aha! Framework or scrum framework instead. You also have the option to build your own framework from scratch using any whiteboard objects you would like.

How to use

Visualize how your team follows SAFe while planning and delivering software.

  1. Capture core elements Define key roles, concepts, and activities in your product development process. Choose from a set of pre-built SAFe shapes to help you get started or create your own.

  2. Diagram your process Move shapes over to the table on the right. Show who is responsible for doing what and map out how work flows at the agile release train (ART) and team levels.

  3. Gain alignment Gather input from team members and stakeholders. Use annotation shapes and inline comments to review the details and ensure you have a widely agreed-upon approach.

  4. Drive consistency Make your framework readily accessible. Add your diagram to your internal wiki so you can standardize how work gets done across teams and deliver more value, faster.

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