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2024 monthly calendar

Visualize upcoming work on a calendar view

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About the 2024 monthly calendar template

Dates keep product teams organized. From planning releases and product launches to prioritizing daily tasks, there is comfort in knowing what needs to be done and when. That way, you can focus on and deliver what is most important.

Use this 12-month calendar template to map out any type of work you would like. It is particularly useful for major cross-functional efforts — such as upcoming announcements, customer-facing content, and events. (Our own marketing team loves using a calendar view to plan out upcoming blog posts.)

Color-code sticky notes on the calendar by activity type and share the view with teammates who need to keep deadlines in sight. And when you are ready to get started on the work, you can convert any sticky note into real work items in Aha! Roadmaps.

How to use

Be an effective planner all year long. Here are some ways you can effectively use this calendar template:

  1. Plan and prioritize tasks Capture critical activities — such as customer-facing content, user research, and competitive analysis — on a calendar to efficiently organize your time and ensure that tasks are completed.

  2. Set deadlines and milestones Sync up on product releases and other go-to-market or project deliverables. Assign dates to these targets — collaborating across teams to create a high-level overview of your product development timeline.

  3. Coordinate agile cycles Align with engineering on the start and end dates of agile cycles — like program increments and sprints. You can also document the timing of important ceremonies like PI planning, sprint planning, reviews, and retrospectives.

  4. Track major events Use a calendar to mark industry conferences, trade shows, and other relevant events. This helps you plan your attendance and prepare product announcements or demos.

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