Roadmap templates for agile transformation

Transitioning to agile is a major undertaking. Discover how roadmapping brings leadership, product, and engineering together to embrace agile transformation across the organization.

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Take a goal-first approach to agile transformation

Project Roadmap

Transitioning to agile is a journey — you need a map

An agile transformation journey often starts with leadership, engineering, and product teams — then evolves to include the entire organization. It requires reinventing your work environment to be more proactive, open, and innovative.

This is a large effort worthy of its own roadmap. Roadmapping your agile transition will help you communicate how you plan to roll out changes across people, processes, and technology.

Plan your agile transformation

Set strategy

Set your agile transformation strategy

Strategy is paramount. Before you embark on an agile transformation, you must clearly define and reiterate the "why" behind it.

With Aha! Roadmaps, you can define what you want to achieve and set top-level goals and initiatives. As you begin to implement changes, you can connect everything on your transformation roadmap back to your strategy so the overall objectives are always clear.

Capture your goals

Starter roadmap

Streamline and simplify complex changes

Agile transformation can lead to greater transparency, improved collaboration, and increased productivity across the organization. Building towards these outcomes is gradual and complex work — and you need the right tool to support it.

When you build an agile transformation roadmap in Aha! Roadmaps, you can incorporate frequent adjustments while keeping long-term goals top-of-mind. Roadmap templates update dynamically so you are never guessing about timelines and progress.

Try an agile transformation roadmap template

Visualize dependencies

Rally the team around your agile transition roadmap

Agile transformation requires tremendous cross-functional efforts. And success relies on every team understanding where you are going and why.

Get started with an agile transition roadmap template to visualize cross-functional work, track dependencies, and communicate progress to hands-on teams as well as company leadership. For less-involved functions, turn your roadmap into a presentation to share — so you can help everyone embrace the change.

Share your agile roadmap


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Frequently asked questions about agile transformation roadmaps

What is agile transformation?

Agile transformation is the process of an organization adopting agile principles (not just agile software development methods) to be more responsive and flexible overall. It is a type of organizational transformation — sweeping changes that improve customer experiences and improve how the entire company operates.

How do you transition from waterfall to agile?

Transitioning from waterfall to agile requires significant planning — it will affect your organization's culture, processes, and technology. A good place to start is by understanding the differences between the two methodologies.

How do you start an agile transformation?

A lot of cross-functional work goes into planning an agile transformation. A goal-first approach will help everyone stay focused on the overall vision — so start by outlining your high-level objectives and strategic initiatives.

What is an agile transformation roadmap?

Agile transformation roadmaps help organizations plan and visualize the shift to agile workflows. The roadmap will include your goals, initiatives, milestones, and dependencies — all on a timeline view.

How do you build an agile transformation roadmap?

Aha! Roadmaps has a comprehensive library of roadmap templates — start your transformation journey with a free trial and an agile transition roadmap template.

Expand your roadmap expertise

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