Build a knowledge base

Write and organize important technical documentation

Make team work more efficient


Write rich documents and reuse templates


Co-author work in a collaborative text editor with history


Create folders to add structure and consistency

Centralize documentation

The best documentation is clear, available to all, and organized. Store important technical details, decisions, and procedures in one central place. Organize it all in a logical folder structure so you can always find what you are looking for.

Co-author team notes

Collaborate on team documents in real time. Edit content side-by-side, access version history, and leave inline comments. Bring more teammates into the loop with @ mentions and assign to-dos for a more formal review.

Record personal notes

You can also create personal notes right in Aha! Develop that only you have access to. Jot down ideas, research solutions to a technical problem, or brainstorm topics for your next engineering meeting. And if you want to share your notes with the team, just move the note to the team folder. Now it is visible and accessible to others.

Write consistently

Templates make it easy to quickly capture information the same way. Choose an example template from our library — including sprint retrospectives, runbooks, architectural decisions, and more. Or create your own from scratch. Share templates across your team to standardize your documentation.

Format for clarity

Add visual cues to reinforce your message. Create a table of contents, embed images, and add tables, callout boxes, and labels. This ensures that the most important information stands out.

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