SWOT analysis

Identify strategies to improve your market position

A SWOT analysis provides a foundation for effective strategic planning. Weighing strengths and opportunities against weaknesses and threats helps you understand your market landscape — so you can meet your customers' needs and achieve product success.

Assess your market position

Start by categorizing SWOT factors. This is a simple step that requires deep thinking — deciding what is most relevant and how it relates to your product, competitors, and the market you operate in. Select colored sticky notes and use rich formatting options to make your analysis more readable. Then share your whiteboard with the broader team and invite folks to comment and add new perspectives.

Build a plan for greatness

After completing your SWOT analysis, use the built-in action plan matrix to reflect on specific areas to invest in going forward. Articulating these strategies encourages you to address each component of the SWOT and helps the team understand the logic behind the plan.

Set your plans into action

Review the strategies during a team meeting or by adding emojis to indicate votes of confidence. Easily drag, drop, and reorder strategies based on business value and other factors that are most important to you. Convert the best strategies into ideas or features right in Aha! Roadmaps — so you can align the team and start taking action right away.