Pros and cons list

Explore different angles and be confident in your decisions

Being successful is about making choices every day that improve the product and create a better user experience. Use the pros and cons list to evaluate the viability of any approach before moving forward. Then make bold recommendations for moving forward.

Think critically

Start by describing three or more possible solutions to a problem. Then work through your pros and cons list, using sticky notes to jot down the potential benefits and drawbacks of each approach. Cluster and color-code related ideas for easy organization. And invite the broader team to drop in additional insights.

Answer counter arguments

Openly discuss as a group and challenge your assumptions. Refine and incorporate new information as you think of it. Once you have a consensus, put recommendations for the next steps right in the template. Now that you have considered every option, you are better poised to choose the right solution.

Plan with purpose

When you know something is aligned with your strategic direction, you want to take action quickly. Convert the recommendations you have outlined into ideas and features in Aha! Roadmaps. That momentum gained will help propel you toward your next big milestone or goal.