2x2 prioritization matrix

Compare product value against organizational effort

Whether you are evaluating ideas or deciding which features to add to your roadmap, product teams must consider the tradeoffs. A 2x2 prioritization matrix helps you visualize the relative importance of each option. By weighing the potential value to customers and the business against the team's effort to implement, you can easily decide what comes next and why.

Assess value and effort

Plot upcoming work items on the 2x2 matrix using digital sticky notes. Position each note based on a quick evaluation of value vs. effort — or relabel the matrix to compare dimensions that matter to you. This can spark meaningful conversations with the team about the potential impact of solutions — guiding what to prioritize on your roadmap or in the next release.

Weigh your options

Items in the top-left corner of the matrix are the quick wins — these will have the biggest impact for the least effort. The top-right items are worthwhile but require significant resources. The bottom-left items may be worth pursuing when the team has spare capacity. And the bottom-right items are low value and high effort — so they do not make good business sense.

Prioritize smarter

Create a go-forward plan. Add thumbs-up emojis to indicate which work items the team will implement, then convert the best options into ideas or features in Aha! Roadmaps. This makes it easy to build out your product plans and schedule the work — so the team can move ahead with purpose and clarity.