Customer journey map

Explore the customer experience to build more lovable products

What do people experience when they interact with your company or product? To grow the business, you must first envision each stage of the customer journey. The goal is to develop a holistic understanding of what customers are thinking and feeling at key moments — broadening your empathy and ability to improve the Complete Product Experience.

Capture every touchpoint

You want to deliver a cohesive brand experience at every touchpoint — from the content you write to the interactions with your sales and support teams. Use this template to map out the journey from awareness and consideration to advocacy. Colorful frames and sticky notes help you identify relevant customer actions, insights, and roadblocks.

Gather multiple perspectives

While marketing is typically the first touchpoint, everyone in the organization should be included in the process. Bring in colleagues across marketing, product management, sales, and support to share their perspectives. Tapping into this collective knowledge on a shared whiteboard — asynchronously or in real time — fuels company and product innovation.

Define your destination

Building your customer journey map is just the beginning. Compare the opportunities you identified with existing ideas and requests in your backlog. Promote new ideas directly from your whiteboard into actionable work items in Aha! Roadmaps. As customer needs evolve, revisit the customer journey map to spark ideas for future enhancements.