Introducing the ServiceNow + Aha! Integration

Connect Aha! software and ServiceNow with ServiceNow's new integration.

May 23, 2023

Introducing the ServiceNow + Aha! Integration

by Claire George

Does your company use ServiceNow to automate IT workflows? If so, this release is for you. You can now connect ServiceNow with Aha! software — consolidating requests from internal teams and customers in one place.

We are thrilled to share that there is now a new ServiceNow integration with Aha! software. Automatically send requests captured in ServiceNow to Aha! software as ideas, streamlining your feedback and idea management workflows.

This new integration is fully customizable. ServiceNow provides triggers and actions built around the Aha! API — and an easy-to-use flow designer — so you can chart the perfect workflow for your team. You can even use webhooks to make the integration bi-directional. This ensures that updates flow smoothly between tools and data is always in sync.

To get started, you will first need to register ServiceNow as an OAuth application in your Aha! account. The rest of the setup needs to be done by a ServiceNow administrator. Install the Aha! spoke app and get a head start using their example flow — which has the basics around sending requests to Aha! already in place.

The integration is available to ServiceNow customers with an Integration Hub subscription or select BU subscriptions. Check out ServiceNow's documentation for more detailed instructions and a full list of available Aha! actions. And if you need help at any point, reach out to your ServiceNow representative.

Once you are all set, get the ideas flowing:

Capture requests in ServiceNow

Let's imagine your IT team uses Aha! Roadmaps to prioritize and manage internal product enhancement requests. We created a form in ServiceNow so other teams within the organization can easily submit requests. And we included key fields — like a Request title, Description, and Requester — that will map to the idea record in our Aha! account.

Remember that you can also integrate Aha! Ideas with Salesforce and Zendesk to centralize all feedback and ideas in one place.

Send requests to Aha!

ServiceNow's flow designer makes it easy to customize how the integration works — so you can create the perfect workflow for your team. In the example below, our flow sends incoming requests to our Fredwin IT ideas workspace and keeps the details in sync between both tools. We can even create a custom field on the idea record in Aha! to store a link back to the request in ServiceNow. That way, it is easy to click over and view the original.

Create a custom action in ServiceNow to subscribe a user to idea updates from Aha! using the Aha! subscription API.

Manage requests in Aha! software

Let's head back to our Aha! ideas portal to see the ServiceNow requests coming in. As always, you can review new feedback from the ideas overview page regardless of the portal or integration it came from. Here we can see several recent IT requests. And since we set up webhooks earlier, as we prioritize these requests, the requester will see those status updates reflected in ServiceNow.

You can customize your team's idea workflow in your Aha! account settings.

Bring your ServiceNow and Aha! software workflows together to seamlessly manage internal requests.

Try the new integration today — you will love how easy it is to bring internal ideas into your idea management process. And if you are looking for more opportunities to connect Aha! software with the tools you use to get work done, take a look at our integrations directory.

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