Enhanced Aha! Integration with Salesforce Lightning

Connect Aha! Ideas and Salesforce with our enhanced integration.

November 10, 2021

Enhanced Aha! Integration with Salesforce Lightning

by Claire George

Product managers need input from customer-facing teams like sales and support to understand what customers want. Make it easy for members on those teams to share customer feedback right from the tools they already use — such as Salesforce. Today's update brings a much-requested enhancement to the integration between Aha! Ideas and Salesforce.

You can now integrate Aha! Ideas with Salesforce Lightning and use dynamic forms to capture more detailed customer feedback.

The existing integration between Aha! Ideas and Salesforce gives Salesforce users the ability to search for and add new ideas. They can also link ideas to opportunities, cases, and accounts in Salesforce. But the integration had to be installed using Salesforce Classic — and many of you have switched to Salesforce Lightning.

Now you can seamlessly use the integration with Lightning when you upgrade to the new Salesforce app. We refreshed the UI to match Lightning and give you a more consistent experience. And you can fully control where you add the Aha! Ideas component to your Lightning layouts. (Note: You can continue to install and use the app with the Classic interface if you have not migrated to Lightning yet.) We also improved support for dynamic forms to streamline the idea submission experience for both Classic and Lightning users.

The Salesforce integration is available to customers on the Ideas Advanced plan, as well as customers who purchased Aha! Roadmaps before August 31, 2021. Keep in mind that you need a private portal to manage ideas submitted via Salesforce. Customization admins can add integrations to ideas portals.

Here is how the upgraded integration works with Salesforce Lightning:

Capture detailed feedback

Start by creating a new idea in Salesforce Lighting. In the example below, we are submitting a request from a fictitious customer, AeroCycle. We add the idea to the related opportunity. And we experience the dynamic ideas form just as if we were submitting the idea directly through an ideas portal.

When you fill out dynamic forms, you can review your responses before submitting feedback.

Understand customer needs

Back in Aha! Ideas, that same idea now appears with a proxy vote added on behalf of AeroCycle. You can reference all the feedback details including the estimated impact so you can efficiently prioritize the idea. Here we have a dedicated organization record for AeroCycle. We can see everything they have requested and what we have delivered in one view.

Add a custom field to your organizations layout to track and report on important customer information, such as account value.

Get automatic status updates

Say we decide to implement this idea in our next release. We change the idea status in Aha! to "Planned" and the new status immediately shows up in Salesforce, too. Sales and support can check the latest status in their opportunities and proactively share updates with customers.

Once a salesperson votes on behalf of a customer that salesperson is subscribed to that idea. They will receive notifications about any updates and can pass that information on to customers.

Learn more about your customers by gathering feedback from your teammates that interact with them daily — and show your gratitude to those teammates by improving the experience of submitting ideas in Salesforce.

We hope this is a useful update for all of our Salesforce Lightning users. Let us know what other improvements you would like to see in our ideas portal — we really want to know what you want.

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