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December 2, 2013

You’re Not Agile Unless You’re “agile”

The single most common question that I run into nowadays is which process is the “best” one to be Agile, with a capital “A.” And people are often surprised when I tell…

November 20, 2013

The Alpha Product Manager

The Alpha Product Manager rules great technology companies and every great technology company has one (or had one). Engineers trust her, the sales team loves her, and…

November 14, 2013

How I Was Unbanned from Hacker News

Somehow I managed to become what I thought was hellbanned from Hacker News. I was ready to apologize for sinning — to bow down to the Internet gods of geeky and fresh…

October 28, 2013

Why Does DevOps Think They Are the TSA?

So you are the Operations Manager — gatekeeper of everything good — and the go-to-guy for everything infrastructure. You help keep engineering from releasing the…

October 21, 2013

Publish A Beautiful Product Roadmap

How often do you get asked for your product roadmap? Or, questioned about when feature X is going to be delivered? Sharing your product roadmap with the sales team,…

October 17, 2013

GitHub for Code and Aha! for Product Roadmaps

Do you need an easier way to tie code changes to the product roadmap that drove them? If yes, we just made that a lot easier through an integration with GitHub. While…

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