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Coordinate project plans using purpose-built roadmap software for project managers

Set clear objectives

Project managers define, plan, and deliver new projects and experiences that improve your business. And though every project is unique, there is one universal understanding: Successful delivery starts with a clear plan that keeps people focused on what needs to happen and when. Centralize project management in Aha! Roadmaps and link major cross-functional efforts to high-level business initiatives. Build a schedule and define the objectives, budget, and scope for each project. Share the plan with internal teams — such as IT, engineering, and marketing — so everyone understands the work's importance and can balance it against other priorities.

Create a project roadmap

Reduce project risk

The project workspace in Aha! Roadmaps provides everything you need to deliver exceptional outcomes. Define standard templates, workflows, and approval processes to establish repeatable best practices. Comprehensive planning tools — including an interactive Gantt chart and resource management capabilities — help you assess the feasibility of your project plan and set realistic dates. Visualize dependencies across teams and specify phases that must be completed to deliver on time. Monitor which teams are over- or underutilized each month so you can quickly resolve capacity constraints. 

Streamline workflows

Capture every detail

Does everyone understand who is doing what? Are we on track for the next major milestone? Capture every deliverable and due date in Aha! Roadmaps so nothing gets missed. The Gantt chart makes it easy to coordinate everything that needs to happen in one view. See who is assigned to each work item and drill into the details to gain more clarity. Quickly adjust the plan as you go to reflect changes in timing or scope. Built-in collaboration functionality — including automatic notifications, comments, and to-dos — keeps the team immediately informed of updates. You can also create detailed project documentation with shared notes.

Manage all the details

Achieve exceptional results

Track the progress of each project in real time. Enter your data in Aha! Roadmaps once. Then, build the reports you need to analyze delivery metrics, including the status of activities and overall percent complete. Use a burndown chart to see how the team is performing and whether you are on course to meet the completion date. These insights are critical for communicating updates and spotting issues early so you can keep things moving. Create a central dashboard to give leadership and other stakeholders visibility into all planned, current, and completed projects — increasing organizational transparency of major cross-functional undertakings.

Communicate status

Aha! enables us to visualize our plans, making the intangible tangible. It brings a new level of structure to our processes and keeps us focused on achieving our strategy.

Lesley Craggs

Strategic project manager, Swarovski

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Top capabilities for project management teams

Build a project roadmap

Automatically calculate the percentage of work completed and visualize progress on project roadmaps and reports. You will love seeing the progress bar move to the right as you deliver against your plan.

"Templatize" best practices

Standardize project management across the organization. Project templates drive repeatable successes. Create custom workflows and fields to ensure everyone follows one approach.

Allocate resources

Estimate the effort and budget required to deliver a project. Then, understand which team members are available and when so you can set realistic completion dates.

Prioritize the right work

Effectively manage project scope and priorities. Use built-in scorecards to measure and rank individual work items based on value — so you can make trade-off decisions and move forward on what matters most.

Track every dependency

Create a detailed Gantt chart. Set dates, phases, and milestones to keep everyone on schedule. Highlight dependencies across teams and activities so you can manage risk and deliver on time.

Create a project wiki

Document all things project-related, from project charter to communication plan. Use whiteboards for interactive brainstorming and visualizing processes.

Monitor project KPIs

Bring all your KPIs — such as goal status, financials, and tasks completed — into a single interactive view. Add roadmaps and reports to a dashboard and organize the layout for a comprehensive view of project performance.

Integrate with other tools

Build your project plans in Aha! Roadmaps and send the required work to the systems other teams use. Integrations help everyone use their tool of choice and see updates in real time.

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