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Target audience

Identify audience segments so you can tailor marketing approaches that will resonate

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About the target audience template

Knowing who you want to reach allows you to create more focused and relevant products, services, and marketing messages. When those messages align with the needs, interests, and preferences of your audience, they are more likely to pay attention.

This template is ideal for outlining your target audience segments or personas — with a focus on demographics, buyer behaviors, preferred media channels, factors that influence purchase, and more. Build out any details that will help the team understand your audience, pulling from market research and customer conversations.

Meaningful planning upfront allows the team to focus on hitting the target audience, messaging, content themes, and campaigns. This is all in service of the ultimate goal — connecting with customers and growing the business.

Best practices

Deeply understand your target audience so you can effectively reach them.

1. Start with research Conduct market research to understand the overall market landscape, competitors in your space, and prospective customers. Use a combination of primary and secondary methods — such as focus groups, surveys, and analyst reports.

2. Talk to real customers Do not guess what customers want. Go straight to the source instead — interview customers who you already serve today. Ask them about their motivations and challenges so you can build your audience segments based on real experiences.

3. Define your target audience Start small, identifying one or two audience segments. Detail who or what they are influenced by, how they spend their time, and their purchasing behaviors.

4. Use segments to inform marketing plans Personalize your marketing strategies and messages based on who you want to reach. From ads and content to signup flows and post-purchase interactions, personalized approaches will help customers feel more valued and understood.

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