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Sprint retrospective meeting

Document what went well during the last sprint and how you can improve going forward

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About the sprint retrospective meeting template

There is bravery in self-reflection. When you are committed to continuous improvement, you embrace the opportunity to discuss what went well, what did not, and how you can change in the future.

Use this note template to organize a sprint retrospective meeting or, really, any postmortem that the team would benefit from. It includes sections for setting objectives, recording areas of discussion, and planning next steps. You can also embed a sprint retrospective whiteboard directly in the note — giving the team another way to add and organize their perspectives.

Follow through on opportunities for improvement. You can convert any action items into tasks in Aha! Roadmaps to track the progress of the work.

How to use

Develop a well-rounded understanding of the previous sprint and align on actionable improvements.

  1. Set the right tone Explain the purpose of the meeting, review what will be discussed, and highlight the expected outcomes. Include links to relevant reports — such as your sprint burndown — to bring data-driven insights into the conversation.

  2. Be comprehensive Cover the following topics: what went well, what could have gone better, and what you could do differently in the future. Keep the discussion fresh by embedding a whiteboard — the team can add their thoughts as sticky notes and use emojis to show support for teammates' contributions.

  3. Schedule next steps Create action items and assign them to individual team members. Revisit these items in your next retrospective to keep people accountable.

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