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Marketing strategy

Plan how you will reach your target market

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About the marketing strategy templates

A successful marketing strategy requires meaningful insight and a real understanding of who you are trying to reach. Establishing your marketing strategy ensures that the launches, campaigns, and activities you undertake will yield the best possible results.

Use this collection of templates to capture details about your goals, market, target audience, and where your offering stands relative to competitors. Assess market opportunities, identify potential risks and challenges, and define both short- and long-term approaches for meeting your objectives.

Markets will shift and your industry will evolve. So revisit these templates each planning period to add fresh data and re-evaluate your strategy.

Best practices

Use this collection of templates to create a winning marketing strategy.

  1. Provide strategic context Write an executive summary to distill the key elements of your marketing strategy. Then use the goals template to state the objectives you plan to achieve, adding success metrics and key results to set clear targets.

  2. Know your market Identify your target audience, providing clarity around who you are trying to reach and what they need. Provide an overview of your competitors to help the team create stronger marketing campaigns that set you apart.

  3. Understand your position Conduct a SWOT analysis to ensure that your overall strategy leverages your strengths and addresses weaknesses — so you can seize market opportunities and mitigate any threats. Articulate how you will position your company for success, focusing on your unique value proposition and how you want to be known.

  4. Get planning Visualize the marketing activities that will help you deliver against your strategy. Schedule product launches, campaigns, content, and other important events on a calendar so everyone is clear on what needs to be happen and when.

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