What is a typical marketing manager salary range?

Marketing is consistently ranked as one of the top career paths around the world. In the U.S. for example, the field is expected to grow faster than the national average — nearly 10 percent by the year 2028. The field is ripe with opportunities in a wide range of industries and disciplines. This work can be incredibly rewarding and well paid.

Interested in a career in marketing? The average salary for a marketing manager, a generalist title for someone who plans and oversees a variety of marketing activities, can range from $49,000 to more than $120,000 annually.

The salary range for marketing managers is quite broad for a reason. That is because a marketing manager's salary typically depends on a number of factors (such as experience, location, company size, and skills).

Note: The base salaries in each of the categories below are for general marketing manager jobs based on information from Payscale and Glassdoor in February 2023.

How experience influences a marketing manager's salary

Experience is generally the main factor that influences a marketing manager's salary — seniority within an organization is often the driving factor. In some fast-growing industries, marketing professionals may have the opportunity to step into senior roles relatively early in their careers.

Chief marketing officer: $401,000

The CMO is an executive-level role responsible for the success of an organization's marketing department. The CMO sets the overall marketing vision and strategy and ensures alignment with broader organizational objectives. This person typically reports to the CEO and manages vice presidents or senior vice presidents.

VP of marketing: $368,000

The VP of marketing is responsible for creating a cross-functional marketing plan that drives the marketing department's overall strategy forward. They define and balance the marketing work that the team will accomplish to achieve the department's objectives. The VP of marketing manages leaders within the broader marketing team and reports into the CMO or CEO, depending on the size of the organization.

Director of marketing: $201,000

The director of marketing oversees a team of managers and specialists who carry out marketing activities. In many cases, directors serve as the leader of a team that specializes in a particular discipline, such as digital marketing, product marketing, or content marketing. The director of marketing reports to the VP of marketing.

Marketing manager: $75,000

The marketing manager is a mid-career marketing generalist who manages and carries out marketing activities such as email marketing campaigns, paid advertising, or product launches. The marketing manager might report to the director of marketing or the VP of marketing, depending on the size of the organization.

Marketing specialist: $56,000

The marketing specialist is an entry-level marketing position. The specialist reports to the marketing manager and is responsible for carrying out day-to-day activities that help move the marketing team's objectives forward. Marketing specialists are typically hired directly out of university or with one to two years of professional experience.

Tenure can also influence a marketing manager’s salary. Typically, more experience equates to a higher salary. So while the average salary for someone with a marketing manager title is around $75,000, seasoned marketing managers can earn much more. Here is a breakdown of average marketing manager salaries by career stage or years of experience in the industry:

  • Late career: $122,000

  • Experienced: $88,000

  • Mid career: $75,000

  • Early career: $66000

  • Entry level: $59,000


Marketing manager salary variances by location

Location significantly impacts a marketing manager's salary. Marketing managers in cities with a higher cost of living will earn higher salaries. They also earn more in cities with large business districts or tech communities like New York or San Francisco. These cities have a higher demand for such roles, which drives up average salaries. Here are the average marketing manager salaries in major U.S. cities:

  • Atlanta: $82,000

  • Austin: $81,000

  • Boston: $85,000

  • Chicago: $86,000

  • Dallas: $83,000

  • Denver: $76,000

  • Los Angeles: $95,000

  • New York City: $94,000

  • San Francisco: $99,000

  • Seattle: $112,000

The cost of living in coastal states is typically higher than the national average. For example, California has the third-highest cost of living in the United States, while New York ranks fourth. Southern and midwest states typically experience lower costs of living.

In Europe, the countries with the highest salaries include Luxembourg, Denmark, Ireland, and Belgium. Information about marketing manager salaries specifically is not widely available by country in Europe, but here are some average marketing manager salaries in major European cities:

  • Barcelona: €45,000

  • Berlin: €57,000

  • Brussels: €72,000

  • London: £53,000

  • Madrid: €49,000

  • Munich: €64,000

  • Paris: €56,000

  • Rome: €55,000

  • Zurich: CHF111,000

The countries with the highest cost of living in Europe include Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark.

In Australia, the average salary across all job titles is A$123,000. And the average salary in New Zealand is NZ$109,000. Marketing managers in both countries typically earn above-average salaries. Here are the average marketing manager salaries in major cities across Australia and New Zealand:

  • Brisbane: A$107,000

  • Melbourne: A$111,000

  • Sydney: A$127,000

  • Auckland: NZ$110,000

  • Wellington: NZ$97,000


How industry impacts a marketing manager’s salary

A marketing manager's salary might also vary based on their expertise in a specific industry or field. Some industries need marketing managers who understand how to communicate and engage with niche audiences. Financial services and insurance companies tend to be bigger, established enterprises — which likely explains the higher average salaries in those industries.

  • Consumer services: $79,000

  • Financial services: $94,000

  • Information technology: $79,000

  • Insurance: $84,000

  • Legal: $79,000

  • Manufacturing: $77,000

  • Retail: $75,000

  • Transportation and logistics: $75,000

Large, mature companies typically offer higher marketing manager salaries. Here are the ranges of a typical marketing manager salary at some sizable technology organizations based on data from Glassdoor:





























How education and skills impact a marketing manager's salary

As with most careers, education level impacts a marketing manager's salary. Most marketing managers have a bachelor's degree, but those with graduate degrees, like an MBA, tend to earn higher salaries.

Many organizations also factor skillset into salaries. Some skills, like product marketing or digital marketing, are in higher demand. Companies may pay more for marketing managers with experience in these areas:

  • Brand marketing: $87,000

  • Content marketing: $76,000

  • Digital marketing: $80,000

  • Email marketing: $84,000

  • Market research: $112,000

  • Marketing communications: $92,000

  • Product marketing: $133,000

  • Social media marketing: $54,000

Marketing continues to be a fast-growing field, especially as new technologies emerge and create a need for new specialties. If you are creative, curious, and hard-working, then marketing may be the right field for you.

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