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Create a technology roadmap and highlight the value of your projects

IT organizations require a roadmap to help the team plan short- and long-term projects and keep them aligned with the business goals. It's also important to collaborate with key stakeholders, track technology and release dependencies, and communicate progress with executives.

IT teams love Aha! for roadmapping

Aha! technology teams define and prioritize the projects that will have the biggest impact. Every IT group knows that there are plenty of ideas and too many projects that need attention. This is why it's critical to have one system to track all of the projects and make it easy to visualize detailed plans that depend on cross-functional teams.

Aha! gives me the ability to manage and measure feature requests and ideas in a meaningful way. Now that we have visual roadmaps to keep all teams on track, there’s a lot less confusion and even fewer headaches.

Nathaniel Collum Product owner BetterCloud
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Aha! helps you and your team visualize what's on the IT roadmap and why it matters

Idea management

IT organizations take input from their business partners in order to figure out what to spend their limited resources on each year. Today, these ideas likely come flying in via email or PPT. The Aha! Ideas portal eliminates the craziness. It allows you to create a private and branded portal for your stakeholders to make requests and track status as you complete work.

Strategic alignment

Aha! helps you align what the IT team is working on with what will benefit the business most. This is done by allowing you to set strategic initiatives, link them to releases, and score features before they are prioritized. Scoring features allows you to make hard trade-offs and explain to other groups your rationale. It is also your secret weapon for fighting back against feature-creep.

Internal communication

IT makes the business go. So, it is no surprise that people want to know what you are working on. But, it's tough to share all the details and keep them up to date for even the most organized groups. That's because most IT organizations have dozens of projects being worked on simultaneously. Aha! makes it easy to share a visual roadmap for each project for key stakeholders and roll up a total view of all the work for the CIO.

Over 250,000 users trust Aha! for their roadmaps. Read more about out how IT groups in IT Services, Medical, and Telecom use Aha!

Aha! is the world's #1 roadmap software
The world's #1 roadmap software