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Capture new concepts, meeting notes, and key tasks throughout your day


Create personal and team notes in a single location


Quickly find information when you need it — by date or topic


Work on notes collaboratively with team members to refine concepts

Keep track of your thoughts

Replace your physical and online note-taking tools with one digital notebook. Keep it open throughout the day and jot down thoughts, requests, and suggestions as you go. A calendar view makes it super easy to add and refer back to each day's notes.

Structure text with rich formatting

Style content exactly the way you want with a powerful text editor. Add headers, create tables, and use checklists to organize information. Highlight important details with color and callout boxes. Embed a whiteboard to combine text and visual formats in one view.

Get more from meetings

Jot down topics you want to cover in upcoming meetings. Then take notes during the discussion so you can recall action items and decisions. From weekly 1:1s with your manager to customer calls and product team meetings — a little bit of advance planning helps you get the most out of the time together.

Group similar information

Capture market research, customer interviews, and product insights in one location. Create folders to group information by topic and add an emoji to note titles for visual emphasis. This makes it easy to keep personal and team notes organized — so you can quickly find the information you need.

Collaborate side by side in real time

Share your notes with anyone you choose. A collaborative text editor lets everyone add their thoughts and provide feedback. Inline indicators show who is making edits so you can work together to refine concepts and build on ideas about what functionality to build next.