Collaborate in real time

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Work with anyone

Share notes and whiteboards to refine raw concepts with others


Invite teammates or third parties to collaborate with you


Fine-tune and build on each other's suggestions


Maintain a history of documents that you have been invited to work on

Break down barriers

Get started in a personal note or whiteboard. When you are ready for input, invite as many collaborators as you want into your document — they do not need to be users in your account. And you can enable or disable sharing at any time for full control over who can see and edit the details.

Work side by side

Collaborate in real time or asynchronously. This gives everyone a chance to participate — regardless of location and time zone. Changes are automatically saved so you never lose valuable feedback and suggestions.

Streamline planning

Bring the team together to explore product opportunities, solve problems, and riff on ideas for new functionality. Pre-built templates help you pair your purpose with the right format — so you can keep the conversation focused and move from early ideation to action.

Improve meetings

Set an agenda and share in advance to establish clear goals. Need an icebreaker? Use a virtual whiteboard to organize a fun activity or game. Take notes during the meeting and record follow-up action items, decisions, and open questions.

Broaden your perspective

Need to collaborate with people outside your organization? No problem. Share notes and whiteboards with contractors, partners, and even customers to get their input. Unlimited sharing — at no additional cost — enables outside-in thinking so you can explore issues through different lenses.