Track Sprint Progress by Record Count in Enhanced Burndown Chart

Visualize sprint progress on the burndown chart using estimates or record count.

February 24, 2022

Track Sprint Progress by Record Count in Enhanced Burndown Chart

by Jeff Tucker

How do you decide how much work to include in a sprint? Some teams set sprint capacity and estimate the work in story points or time. Others focus on the number of user stories and requirements they want to get done. No matter how you plan, you still need a way to monitor progress and understand if the team is on track to meet your sprint goal.

You can now use the burndown chart in Aha! Develop to track completed and remaining work for your sprint based on record count.

This enhancement is perfect for teams that work in iterations but prefer not to estimate the effort needed to complete the work. Plan sprints based on the number of user stories and requirements the team can commit to and then track progress on the burndown chart using the same unit. This gives you insights into the percentage of work completed, progress over time, and ideal pace — so you can quickly assess the team's performance.

The burndown chart is available for Aha! Develop Advanced accounts. The default configuration for the chart is based on whether any records in a sprint have estimates. If not, the chart automatically uses record count as the unit. You also have the option to manually update the unit directly on the chart.

Let's take a closer look:

Burndown by record count

Every sprint starts with a plan for what you will achieve. In the example below, the frontend team set a goal of completing seven user stories and requirements in the current sprint. The burndown chart provides immediate insights into how the team is progressing based on the number of records completed and remaining. We can see that three records were completed yesterday and three still remain. And even though one record was added to the sprint, the team is still on track to finish on time.

Visualize sprint progress by team member with the user dropdown.

The burndown chart in Aha! Develop makes it easy to rally the team around your sprint goals, track progress, and celebrate your success.

Explore the burndown chart by record count and let us know what other agile reports could use a bit more flexibility. We love hearing how we can help engineering teams craft an agile approach that works for you.

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