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Product operations meeting

Align the team, track progress, and improve efficiency

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Product operations meeting large

About the product operations meeting template

Set your product teams up for success. Conduct a weekly product operations meeting to review performance, discuss priorities, and raise issues that are impacting your ability to deliver.

Use this template to help guide the discussion. It provides essential areas for product operations managers to review — such as KPIs, roadmap progress, team processes, and current tools. To make the best use of time, invite the team to add contributions and questions to the template in advance of your meeting.

Operationalizing product development is complex — you will likely have more to work through than time allows. So plan follow-up actions, @mention assignees, and highlight due dates — keeping everyone informed of what will happen next.

How to use

Build a shared understanding of how you will optimize product processes and drive team success.

  1. Set an agenda Define the purpose of the meeting and capture the topics you want to cover, customizing the template to match your needs.

  2. Review together Revisit action items assigned during the previous meeting. Discuss progress and any notable changes to KPIs. Ensure alignment on major initiatives, releases, and projects — noting areas of risk or delay.

  3. Check in on team processes Reflect on the team's successes and talk about what could be improved. Revisit product development standards and review or establish necessary processes. Discuss ways to improve communication, coordination, and efficiency.

  4. Plan what will happen next Note important decisions you have made while together and @mention assignees on upcoming tasks. Offer a space for teammates to add challenges or calls for help. Be sure to capture questions the team did not resolve so you can come back to them in the next meeting.

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