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Organizational chart

Map out the roles and reporting structures within your company

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About the organizational chart template

Organizational charts are used in most product companies. They showcase the various roles and positions within the company and how they interconnect. Being able to see who does what fosters transparency and collaboration among different teams and departments. By identifying team leaders upfront, the chart can also help streamline decision-making processes.

From a strategic standpoint, org charts can be instrumental in spotting potential new leaders in the organization and identifying pathways for promotion. Org charts are also important orientation tools — helping new hires get up to speed and find their place within the company's structure.

Use this template to build a beautiful org chart. Customize its colors and details to fit your unique needs. And be sure to keep it current as folks leave and join the organization.

Best practices

Visualize the structure of your company to help everyone understand key roles within the organization.

  1. Organize by function Customize the chart to reflect the way your company is structured. Add as many functions as you need, using lines to show how different departments relate to one another.

  2. Visualize each role Start by filling in key leadership positions, then add team members based on their respective roles. Use concise job titles to make your chart easy to understand.

  3. Keep it up-to-date Share your chart with the appropriate teams to foster transparency and collaboration. Review it regularly to reflect changes such as new hires, promotions, or departures.

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