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MoSCoW model

Prioritize features using the MoSCoW model

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About the MoSCoW model template

Product teams cannot build everything (even if you would like to!). Feature prioritization helps you determine what to build next and how to organize your backlog. The MoSCoW method is one of the most popular prioritization frameworks.

MoSCoW qualifies product work into four categories: must have; should have; could have; won't have. The goal is to deliver incremental value across each of the first three categories.

Use this template as a starting point. Once you define the work, you can convert elements on the whiteboard into real work items in Aha! Roadmaps. No copying and pasting or duplicative efforts required.

Best practices

Prioritize work in progress or features in your backlog.

  1. Define essential features Identify must-have features that are critical for success. Prioritize those that will deliver the most value to customers and the business. Add sticky notes and arrange them in the appropriate section of the MoSCoW model.

  2. Engage stakeholders Invite key team members and stakeholders to review the model. Consider the perspectives and needs of all stakeholders when prioritizing features. Use reactions and emojis to gauge sentiment and comments to provide clarity — or jump into a live discussion — to ensure all perspectives are considered.

  3. Regularly review Revisit the priorities you have outlined to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with product goals. Refresh the model as needed based on new information or insights.

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