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Negotiating an offer

Negotiate a favorable job offer that aligns with your value and career aspirations

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About the negotiating an offer template

Product management is one of the most rewarding careers. It is a high-impact role that offers amazing career growth and financial achievement. So when the right job opportunity comes along, you want to negotiate the offer with confidence. Use this template to prepare for the discussion and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Start by conducting thorough research on the market rates for similar product manager positions in your industry and location. This helps you understand current compensation trends — so you can set a realistic salary range. It is also important to know your worth. Make a note of your relevant skills, experience, and achievements that demonstrate your ability to drive results and contribute to the organization's success.

Ask the right questions during the discussion to gain a better understanding of the offer. Seek clarification on the role's expectations and responsibilities. Inquire about the company's compensation structure, performance review process, and opportunities for professional development. And remember that negotiation is a two-way process. Be open to compromise and approach the conversation with professionalism and respect.

Best practices

Show how your interests and past product management experience will translate into a new position.

  1. Determine what matters Start by jotting down the key factors that are important to you in taking on a new role. This could include the company size, type of product you want to manage, and stage of growth. It could also include things like the ability to work remotely, a flexible schedule, or professional development opportunities.

  2. Research similar positions Look up the average salary range for similar positions in your industry and location. Consider the full compensation package, including the base salary and other benefits like healthcare, retirement plans, vacation time, bonuses, and stock options.

  3. Know your worth Assess your skills, qualifications, and experience to objectively determine your value in the job market. Consider your unique strengths and achievements that make you stand out from other candidates — so you can highlight these points during the salary negotiation.

  4. Show curiosity Gain a clear understanding of the offer so you can make an informed decision. The template includes insightful questions to ask during the discussion.

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