How Aha! helps us drive product innovation

Walter Sun

Vice President, Business Operations

We had a problem

The product management team manages a portfolio of contact center and customer experience solutions. These solutions must work together in a scalable and flexible way so we can effectively support the needs of our customers. This means our product teams need to collaborate closely together so they can plan and deliver their roadmaps in a unified way.

Previously, teams used different tools to define their product plans. This made it difficult to capture information in a consistent way and report on overall strategy. We also struggled to keep information in sync between those disparate planning tools and the development systems used by engineering. We had to configure multiple integrations, many of which were complex and unstable.

We needed dedicated product management software to bring our strategic plans together in one place and track progress all the way through to delivery.

Aha! as a solution

Now our team uses Aha! to define, prioritize, and plan new customer experiences. We can capture our goals and initiatives for each product in one place and tie them to our overall business objectives.

Aha! provides a window into our entire portfolio. We can clearly see everything from customer ideas to product roadmaps, helping us drive innovation and delight our customers.

We customized our workspaces and workflows in Aha! to suit the way each team works. And we love how easy the bi-directional integration between Aha! and Jira is to set up and use. It has significantly improved collaboration between our product and engineering teams. Now, everyone has access to the most up-to-date information — no matter which system they use.

Life is good

The reporting capabilities in Aha! are vital for analyzing data across our portfolio. The underlying data model means that we can consistently capture information across our portfolio and bring it together in the way we need. Product managers can quickly get the insights they need to make informed roadmap decisions. And executives have real-time visibility into how we are progressing against our business strategy.

We love how efficiently our product teams work together in Aha! to plan and deliver innovative customer solutions.

The product management team is working with greater speed and agility than ever. It is exciting to see strategy and data guiding our everyday decisions so we can deliver an excellent experience to our customers.

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