Sprint retrospective

Make retrospective meetings more productive (and enjoyable too)

A sprint retrospective is a recurring opportunity for the team to reflect on what went well during the previous iteration and how you can improve going forward. Whether your team follows scrum or a different agile methodology, it is always beneficial to devote time to celebrate wins and discuss issues before the next interval of work begins — continuously improving together to achieve product success.

Reflect on past work

Use the template to document what went well, what could have gone better, and what you would do differently next time. Ask everyone to contribute — so you can all see the feedback in a single, accessible place. Since you can embed a whiteboard directly in a note, it is super easy to link the template with the meeting note it corresponds to. You can adapt the template for any launch, project, or retrospective.

Give everyone a voice

Bring your scrum leader, product owner, and developers together — along with product managers and other members of the product team. Assign each attendee a color and use sticky notes to share input during the retrospective. Each person can contribute their ideas, surface problems, and add emojis to show support. This fosters deeper discussion and team engagement.

Identify and assign action items

Come out of every retrospective with specific ways to work better together during the next sprint. Action items might include revising capacity estimates, reorganizing the workflow board, or continuing to use a new user story template. Find what works for you.