The 5 Most Popular Posts on the Aha! Blog — October 2016
November 1, 2016

The 5 Most Popular Posts on the Aha! Blog — October 2016

by Keith Brown

October was a wild month on the Aha! blog. We tackled a wide swath of topics. Scary managers. Outdated career advice. The dreaded email BCC. Many posts really resonated with you. Several got you talking. But if your October was as busy as ours, there is a chance you might have missed a few of these. So, we decided to compile the very best just in case.

1. The 5 Scary Types of Managers
Gather ‘round for a tale of workplace woe… This spooky post grabbed the eyeballs of more than 170,000 readers. Scary managers are out there and they can disrupt your work and career potential if you are not careful. Unfortunately for many people, this is an all too common experience. Read more…

2. Stop Hacking Your Success — Start Building
The word “hack” is often thought of as an intriguing shortcut. But really it is just another word for mediocrity. Real success — the kind that is solid and lasting — comes through hard work. No hacking involved. Read more…

3. Why Optimistic Realists Make Great Tech Leaders
People with an optimistic realist personality are often happier and more successful. And they make great tech leaders. That is because they know how to combine the positive outlook of an optimist with the sharp-eyed view of a realist. Read more…

4. You Really Should Stop Using BCC
More than 250 LinkedIn readers commented on this hot topic. You might be surprised how many people either require their teams to add them as a BCC to everyday email communications or add it of their own volition without much thought. This sneaky email notification is eroding trust. And it is time to make it extinct. Read more…

5. The Problem With Keeping Your Resume “Current”
If you are always preparing for a “what-if” future, you may squash the potential of your “right-now” job. Stop logging so many hours on your resume or LinkedIn profile, and you may find more success with your current work. Read more…

Which post resonated most with you? What topics would you like to read about on the Aha! blog in November? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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