Store All of Your Product Roadmap Files, Mockups, and Images in Aha!
March 17, 2015

Store All of Your Product Roadmap Files, Mockups, and Images in Aha!

by Keith Brown

Last week we released our new universal import screen which allows you to easily move your product roadmap from Excel or Google Docs to Aha! You can use this new capability to import all types of information, including: products, initiatives, releases, ideas, features, and users. And now you can add and store all of your product related files, mockups, and images in Aha! too.

It’s even easier now to make Aha! your home for everything product management. Product Files is a new section under the Product tab. This section allows you to view the entire collection of files and images that have been attached to your releases, ideas, features, and comments in Aha!

Once you add all of your product information to Aha! you are able to easily share it with your team. That way you spend less time managing attachments via email and cloud storage sites and more time building what matters.

Since all your mockups, PDFs, and images are uploaded to Aha!, everyone on your product team (that you give permission to) will have access to them. There is no time wasted going back and forth from Aha! to email attachments and file servers. You have one system-of-record for everything that is product related.

Use the Product Files section to quickly manage or update attachments. Each product in Aha! has its own separate section — so you can manage a portfolio of products. You can click on any file to see the file name, caption, and item that the file is associated with. You can also view the file directly in the Aha! viewer and download the original file if needed.

The Product Files capabilities also makes it easy to find what you are looking for:

Search by file name
Know the name of the file but aren’t sure where it is attached? Find any file by searching for any letter or word found in the file name.

Filter by file type
If you are trying to get your product information out of Powerpoint and Excel, then you might have a few attachments along the way. Filter by file type and display only: images, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Sort by date created
In addition to filtering by file type you can sort your list of product files by date created or file type to find what you are looking for even faster. The most recent files are automatically ordered first.

Aha! makes it easy to manage your product strategy and roadmap and create a unified place to capture all of your product information. We know the madness of trying to build great product while using Excel + Powerpoint + file storage + bug system. So, we thought we would help you transition all of your information into Aha! and find it quickly no matter what files matter most.

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Keith Brown

Keith was a VP of Marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software.

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