Just Launched! — Prioritize Product Features Based on Customer Feedback
November 8, 2017

Just Launched! — Prioritize Product Features Based on Customer Feedback

by Jessica Groff

How do you know which features will deliver the most happiness to your customers? Just ask and they will tell you. We know many of you use an Aha! ideas portal to do just that — crowdsourcing customer feedback in one place.

But we heard from some of you that tracking the popularity of those ideas after you promote them to features was not entirely seamless. So we enhanced our idea management capabilities to make this easier.

Now when you open up a feature, master feature, or initiative, you will immediately see the total number of linked ideas and the corresponding vote count.

You can now instantly quantify the number of requests for each feature and generate reports based on idea popularity. The total vote count is tallied up in real time to keep you informed of customer demand. If you need more context, simply select a linked idea to understand who requested it and why.

As you validate your plans for the coming year, understanding customer sentiment is essential. And as an added benefit, this transparency into which ideas and features have the most customer support helps everyone on the product team understand prioritization decisions.

Here is how you can use this new functionality with your existing Aha! idea management experience:

Capture product feedback Your ideas portal empowers customers, employees, and partners to submit and vote on requests in one place. This consolidated approach to idea management makes it easy to quickly spot trending ideas and identify strategic themes. You can gather feedback from customer comments and overall votes.

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Customize your ideas portal to match your brand with logo, colors, and unique domain.

Promote the most impactful ideas to your roadmap Now that you know what your customers really want, you can promote the best ideas directly to your roadmap as a feature, master feature, or initiative. Information about all of the linked ideas and total vote count is automatically carried over, keeping the most relevant information at your fingertips. Even after you promote an idea, the vote count is updated in real time.

Ideas can be promoted to a new feature or linked to an existing feature.

Prioritize the most popular features Analyze and compare potential features based on customer input. You can now include the total vote count as a column in a features list report to easily sort by popularity. This helps you to quickly identify and communicate which features your customers want most.

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The number of linked ideas and total votes can now be added to your Aha! reports.

Keep customer interest top of mind Vote counts are now front and center in the feature details. Embedding the voice of your users into your product management software serves as a constant reminder of the “why” behind your product plans. This helps maintain your focus on what matters most to customers and use this valuable data to shape the future of your product.

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You can now see the individual vote count for all linked ideas as well as the overall total.

Give your customers and users a voice at the product table by never losing sight of the features they care about most. 

Surfacing the idea vote count in each feature, master feature, and initiative gives your product team the information they need to understand what customers actually want. As you plan what to build in 2018, your customers are now at the forefront of your decisions.

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Jessica Groff

Jessica Groff

Jessica was a product marketing manager at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software.

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