My Name Is Jessica McFall — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

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April 15, 2023

My Name Is Jessica McFall — This Is Why I Joined Aha!

by Why I Joined Aha!

Learning to use software can feel like learning a new language. Between terminology, functionality, and best practices, there is a lot to figure out before you feel proficient in a tool. But that is one reason why I love creating support content. It is rewarding to help users through this process with step-by-step guidance.

As a knowledge base manager, I translate complex features into a common language — empowering people to solve problems with confidence and autonomy.

I have always been passionate about writing and teaching. In college, I studied Secondary English Education. Later on I pursued a graduate program in writing at Missouri State University. While there, I began teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for adults. The purpose of the program was to prepare international students for earning a degree in the U.S.

Students had varying degrees of fluency. But they all shared a deep desire to improve their understanding of the language. I taught reading, writing, and speaking to support their academic aspirations — we also covered vocabulary for day-to-day tasks like making doctor's appointments. It was a great feeling to help people navigate life in another country and culture.

After four years of teaching ESL, I wanted to explore other job opportunities — especially with a writing focus. I took a leap and decided to join a tech company that provided solutions for the self-storage industry. I took on a knowledge base management role and came to really enjoy writing support articles. It felt good to help our users become more self-sufficient. As the company's portfolio expanded, so did the scope of my work. I was guiding customers to feel more comfortable working with a number of technical products.

I had found my niche. It was motivating to bridge my two passions to help people succeed at work.

Part of that experience meant working closely with product teams. I wanted to deeply understand what product owners and product managers did so we could all communicate better. That is how I found the Aha! product management guides and blog — which taught me a lot. When I saw Aha! was hiring for a knowledge base manager, I applied immediately.

During the interview process, everyone was bright, humble, and kind. I appreciated that the Aha! team did not just take my word that I was an experienced writer — I was asked to submit a timed assessment. To me, this showed I would be working with people who have high standards, are feedback-driven, and care about what they put out into the world. It also gave me a chance to really prove what I could do.

Since joining Aha! I have been managing the weekly release notes for our product suite and working with my teammates to keep our Knowledge Base updated with the most recent product enhancements. My proudest achievement? Launching the Aha! Create Knowledge Base. It is always a satisfying challenge to write documentation for a brand new product. I love that I can help our users get the most out of our latest offerings.

At Aha! our support goes beyond set-up and troubleshooting. We are helping our customers deliver more value, wow their own customers and leadership, and be the best at their jobs every single day.

It also means a lot to me that Aha! strives to be an honest and ethical company. I try to be conscious of where I spend my money — I am also conscious of how I earn it. The very business model of Aha! keeps things fair. We are dedicated to creating real value. This ensures we treat customers with compassion and have their best interests in mind. And there are no salespeople vying for commission — everyone gets a share in the profits.

We all benefit from offering customers our very best. Many of the world's most innovative teams rely on our software to develop amazing products that we all use and love. I see it as a virtuous cycle. I am grateful and proud to be a part of it.

That is why I joined Aha! — and why you should too.

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