Aha! Create | Getting started

Welcome to Aha! Create — the digital notebook for product builders. Aha! Create provides you with the powerful functionality you need to organize information, whiteboard concepts, and collaborate with your team. When you first log in to Aha! Create, you can start using notes and whiteboard functionality right away.

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Keep track of everything

Product ideas. Market research. Customer calls. You have a lot to write down — and you can capture it all in notes. Take notes in Aha! Create as you are talking to customers, ideating with your team, or planning an upcoming product launch. Organize your notes in a customizable hierarchy of folders so they are easy to reference. Add dates to notes and visualize them on a calendar — so the notes you need for the day are always on hand.

Your new Aha! Create account comes with a prebuilt note, called Explore notes, that you can use as a starting point. Adjust it to fit your needs or create a new blank note to start fresh.


Think visually

Build out and refine concepts in visual form with digital whiteboards. Create beautiful diagrams, user flows, and journey maps. Embed whiteboards directly into your notes to add visual context to your thoughts. Start with a blank whiteboard or choose from a library of prebuilt templates to start your next meeting or brainstorming session with inspiration and structure.

Just like the prebuilt note, your new Aha! Create account comes with a prebuilt whiteboard, called Explore whiteboards. Use it to explore whiteboard functionality, then modify it to fit your needs or create a blank whiteboard to build one from scratch.


Share with anyone

You are constantly exchanging information with your colleagues — and your customers. Share a note with anyone and customize viewing and editing permissions per person — so you always control who can access your documents.


Collaborate seamlessly

Bring your teammates into the creative process with real-time collaboration. Your entire team can access and edit whiteboards or notes for a brainstorming session — simultaneously or asynchronously.


Where to start

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