Drill Into Reports in Aha! Develop

Drill into the data in Aha! Develop reports to get more insights into team performance.

April 28, 2022

Drill Into Reports in Aha! Develop

by Jeff Tucker

"How can we increase velocity?" and "Why did we miss the sprint goal?" These are some of the questions agile teams ask in the pursuit of continuous improvement. The answers can be found by looking closely at team performance data. Visualizing trends, spotting anomalies, and narrowing in on the details all help you understand exactly what happened and why.

You can now drill into the data that fuels reports in Aha! Develop to understand performance at a more granular level.

Aha! Develop Advanced includes a variety of reports to help agile teams analyze team performance. From monitoring sprint burndown to measuring velocity and tracking weekly throughput — you can understand productivity trends and see where there is room to improve.

Today's update gives you a more detailed look at the data behind each report. Click on any data point — such as a particular day on the burndown chart or a bar on the velocity or throughput chart — to access a list report that includes details about the underlying work items and what changed. For example, you can see if work was added or completed or if an estimate increased. This makes it possible to see what happened so you can decide how to course correct going forward.

Report drill ins work similarly across all of the reports in Aha! Develop. As an example, let's take a closer look at the velocity report in particular:

Drill into velocity

Use past performance to effectively plan future sprints. In the velocity report below, we can see that the team's velocity is stable, but we consistently commit to more work than we can deliver. Further investigation reveals a pattern of new work being added mid-sprint. We can bring these insights to the next retrospective to discuss how to handle requests that come in once a sprint is underway.

Each row of the report details the estimate, assignee, and status for a record at the time of the event.

Dig into the team's performance data to get a deeper understanding of what is working well and how to improve.

Take a closer look at your agile reports in Aha! Develop today. You will love the insights you can uncover when you drill into the data in each report. And let us know what other reports you would like to see in Aha! Develop. We are always adding ways to help you understand and improve team performance — and we would love your input on what to tackle next.

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Jeff Tucker

Jeff Tucker

Jeff is passionate about promoting customer empathy throughout product and engineering teams. He is a senior product manager at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software. Jeff has more than 10 years of experience across product, design, and engineering roles. Previously, he managed products at developer tool and cybersecurity startups.

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