Create Better Engineering Documentation With Note Templates in Aha! Develop

Select from seven new note templates or create your own.

October 14, 2021

Create Better Engineering Documentation With Note Templates in Aha! Develop

by Jeff Tucker

What do you store in your team wiki? If you are anything like us (read: planners, efficiency devotees), the short answer is almost everything. Business rules, response plans, meeting agendas — the wiki in Aha! Develop is the perfect spot to store shared knowledge that engineers need to guide their work. Today's update makes it even easier to consistently capture that information.

Access new note templates in Aha! Develop (or create your own) — for quick and repeatable documentation that the team can collaboratively create.

Tailor the wiki to match the way you work. You can add as many notes as you need and organize them in folders. Use rich formatting options such as tables, images, and call-out boxes for greater clarity.

To help you get started, we added example templates for the types of docs engineering teams create most often — including architectural decision records, incident postmortems, sprint retrospectives, and more. Of course, you can build your own templates as well to ensure everyone on the team is taking the same approach to important documentation.

Let's take a closer look at how you can use note templates in Aha! Develop:

Start with an example template

Choose from seven smartly crafted note templates to capture what you need. Each template's pre-formatted sections bring a consistent structure to your docs — so you can focus on the message rather than the structure.

See a preview of each template before you make your choice.

Create a custom template

You can also create and share your own templates. Navigate to the notes section in your team settings, add a template, and give it a name. Then format it as you choose. Below, we created a template for our weekly engineering team meeting. We also added templated to-dos to remind folks to update the note prior to the meeting.

You must be a team owner to create a note template.

Add important details

When you add a note from a shared or example template, all the elements are copied over. Now the team can get to work adding the details that matter. In this example, we created a note using the "Engineering team meeting" template. Collectively teammates can edit the doc in real-time to add announcements, action items, and anything else that team should know.

Attach mockups, add comments, and create to-dos for any note.

Build a shared knowledge base with all of the core docs your team needs in one place. Note templates make it even speedier and more functional.

Establishing consistency across docs makes it easier for people to find what they need — and then get back to the work they love. We hope you will give note templates a try and then share the templates that work best for you.

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