Aha! Tutorial Highlights: Understand the Customers Behind the Ideas

A snapshot of the views you can build in Aha! Ideas | Aha! 2022

February 11, 2022

Aha! Tutorial Highlights: Understand the Customers Behind the Ideas

by Aha!

Successful product teams are powered by great strategy and plans. This is why we offer product management training through Aha! Academy and regularly host live tutorials — helping you use Aha! software to build better products. Of course we hope you can attend our tutorials live — it is the best way to learn from our product experts and ask questions in real time. You can also visit our Knowledge Base to brush up on recent tutorial topics.

This month, Aha! experts Erin Ward and Kelly Sebes covered how to efficiently manage customer feedback in Aha! Ideas and report on feedback trends.

Read on (and watch the recording) to learn what it takes to deeply understand your customers and incorporate their ideas in your product decisions.

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Aha! Ideas | Understand the customers behind the ideas

Who are your customers? And what do they really need from your product? These are simple questions — but the answers are complex and nuanced. As members of our Customer Success and product teams respectively, Erin and Kelly know what it is like to be in your position. The feedback and ideas you gather from customers are valuable. But you need a way to uncover the right insights so you can integrate that feedback into your product roadmap.

In this tutorial, Erin and Kelly pinpoint three best practices using Aha! Ideas:

Discover what matters most to customers

Start by collecting requests in your ideas portal. Contact and organization records make it possible to view those ideas by individual and group — so you can better understand exactly who needs what. Contacts are automatically created when people log into an ideas portal for the first time — or when you submit a proxy vote on a customer's behalf. You can also automatically create organizations based on the email domains within your portal.

See how to use organization records

Hone in on strategic segments

Deepen your understanding by grouping similar organizations together into segments. You can create segments by filtering based on any organization custom fields you create. For instance, you might want to review requests sent from international accounts. Or see how many votes an idea has received from customers on a certain type of plan. You can do this and more — even including multiple filters at a time, such as revenue and industry.

Watch Erin create a segment

Naturally, you want to share feedback trends with the larger product team. Try the built-in "Analyze" option in Aha! Ideas to generate a pivot report and visualize data across contacts, organizations, and segments. Consider this report a starting point — you can adjust it as needed.

Learn how to adjust pivot reports

We hope this inspires you to better understand the people and groups behind the product ideas you receive — so you can deliver what customers want.

Have questions about what you see here? Let us know how we can help or schedule a demo. And we would love to see you at the next live tutorial.

How do you currently segment customers and report on their ideas?

Use Aha! and be happy. See for yourself — start a free 30-day trial.



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