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PI retrospective

Reflect on your PI planning session and take actionable steps to improve

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About the SAFe PI retrospective template

Creating a culture of continuous improvement is core to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Conduct a retrospective at the end of each PI planning event to discuss what went well, what did not, and what should change next time. This short session is is typically led by the Release Train Engineer (RTE).

Use this whiteboard template for PI planning participants to share their feedback. Add thoughts and suggestions on a sticky note and place in the appropriate column. Conduct a quick voting exercise to identify the issues that are most important to the gathered teams. Discuss as a group, noting any action items that need to be completed for the next event.

The PI retrospective is one component of the SAFe PI planning template series, which includes a PI board, a ROAM board, and team sprint planning templates. Leverage these templates separately or all together to guide your complete planning session.

Best practices

Use this template to look back on the program planning session and determine what improvements you will make next time.

  1. Share the whiteboard
    Give everyone access to the retrospective board at the beginning of the planning event so they can add feedback as they think of it. All members of the ART should weigh in — including product management, business owners, RTE, product owners, and agile teams.

  2. Reflect on proceedings
    Lead the team in discussions of what went well, what could have been better, and what you will do differently next time. Document each suggestion with color-coded sticky notes, place them in the appropriate columns, and use the emoji stamp to upvote others' recommendations.

  3. Apply your learnings
    Assign any action items to specific individuals or teams for follow-up. By identifying and addressing areas for improvement, the planning event can become more effective and efficient over time.

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