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Customer interview

Record insights and identify common themes in customer interviews

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About the customer interview template

You want to truly understand your customers and the challenges they face. When customers know that you care about what they have to say, they are more likely to feel invested in your product and be willing to help you improve it.

Customer interviews are a great way to build relationships, develop empathy, and determine what customers actually need. Now you have a central place to document the details of those conversations.

Use this note template to gather thoughts and questions leading up to the interview — then record the customer's answers in their own words. The template comes with six starter questions and you can find 35+ more in our guide on customer feedback.

How to use

Give customers the opportunity to participate in your product development process.

  1. Define objectives Outline your research goals and determine what it is you really want to learn. For example, your objective could be to understand your customers' business goals or evaluate their experience with a specific feature set.

  2. Create a discussion guide Use the questions in the template as a starting point — customizing them to match your objectives. You can always ask follow-up questions during the conversation to deepen your understanding. Record answers as you go.

  3. Keep track of takeaways and action items Try running your raw notes through our AI writing assistant to summarize the main points. Share your findings with the team and add the best ideas directly to your product roadmap.

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