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Service management

Deliver offerings that clients desire

Define what professional and support services to offer, improve existing offerings, and schedule service delivery.

Drive your most successful rollouts

Services are vital to building deep and lasting relationships. When you provide all necessary implementation, training, support, and ongoing maintenance as an integrated offering, you increase customer success and business revenue. Create a roadmap that aligns the entire organization around your service plans and shows how your offerings will delight customers.

Deliver exceptional services

Did someone ask about the status of an upcoming service? Or want to know what enhancements are planned for existing offerings? Managing the proliferation of plans is hard when the details are tucked away in different spreadsheets and presentations.

Manage all your offerings in one place. Capture customer requests, define requirements, and share your roadmap in a central space. You can also collaborate with customers on delivery schedules — they will love you for it.

Aha! is a game-changer. It brings a new level of transparency and collaboration that is critical to not only helping us transform our organization, but also to delivering new digital customer experiences.

Anne Walsh

Customer experience manager, AAA

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Why services teams love Aha! Roadmaps

Create a strategy

Articulate value by showing how your programs will support overall business objectives. Set goals and initiatives to guide the creation of new services and enhance existing ones.

Get your offerings right

Define what your services must include and create positioning to help guide the team towards delivering the solutions clients truly need.

Bring everyone together

Connect your teams in a central, secure place. Collaborate on what to offer next, prioritize requirements, and streamline the process for managing requests.

Create visual plans

Understand what resources are available so you can schedule customer engagements. Create delivery templates to standardize offerings and keep projects on track.

Manage service delivery

Build a client-facing roadmap that highlights critical dates. Detail unique requirements, share mockups, and capture feedback in one place.

AAA created a sustainable, transformative customer experience by using Aha! to align around initiatives.

AutoScout24 overhauled a disjointed planning process and consolidated client engagements in one place.

Kaufman Hall used epics in Aha! to break down user stories and assign work to sprints.

MicroPact seamlessly plugged into Jira, helping the engineering team tap into the strategic roadmap.

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