Accelerate agile planning

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Prioritize your backlog

Streamline your product development processes — create a unified product and engineering backlog, estimate effort, and schedule sprints


Centralize all product and engineering requirements


Refine your backlog to focus on high-value work


Allocate work to individuals and track progress

Capture it all

Define all of your work in a centralized system — including roadmap-driven work, bugs, production errors, support requests, and more. Combine Aha! Develop with Aha! Roadmaps to create a seamless handoff between product management and engineering teams. Importer extensions make it easy to bring work in from other tools — such as GitHub, Sentry, and Zendesk.

Break down your work

Create epics and break functionality down into user stories and tasks. Collaborate on engineering requirements in real time using a rich text editor right within your cards. Link to mockups and bring in designs from other tools like Figma. Need to capture additional information on your records? Add custom fields to track the details that matter to your team.

Estimate effort

Estimate work in story points or time. Fan of planning poker? Play your cards and nail down estimates right on your user story card. No matter how you estimate your work, all of that data rolls up from the requirement to the associated user story and epic. Once you start tackling a task, log your time against the estimate to easily track progress.

Create a prioritized backlog

Organize your work into parking lots. Then sort by different criteria — such as creation date, estimate, or type — to rank what needs to be done next. Drag and drop the most pressing items into a single unified backlog and prioritize work across your team.

Coordinate sprints

Schedule sprints and set the team's capacity. Move cards from your backlog into your sprint and watch planned and available capacity update in real time. Once the sprint begins, visualize progress with the burndown chart. Track logged effort, evaluate remaining work, and gauge whether you will successfully complete the work on time.