Aha! Integrated With Zapier — Connect With Apps You Love
November 23, 2014

Aha! Integrated With Zapier — Connect With Apps You Love

by Danny Archer

Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to connect all of your web services together using a simple interface. You can do so much more with Aha! by connecting it to the other apps you love via our Zapier integration. It will allow you to connect the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks.

This integration is very useful for easily creating triggers and actions in the form of ‘Zaps,’ within Aha! or between Aha! and other applications who have also integrated with Zapier. Best of all – there is no coding experience required to setup your own Zaps!

The Aha! integration supports two triggers and two actions.

  • Creating features in Aha!

  • Creating ideas in Aha!

  • Send a feature to another Zapier integrated application

  • Send the Aha! activity stream to another Zapier integrated application

Examples of Helpful Zaps

Feature Submission via Email You can submit features through popular email clients such as gmail.

Idea Submission via UserVoice You can create ideas in Aha! directly from apps like UserVoice and Salesforce

To Use This Integration

To set up your Aha! integration with Zapier you need 3 things:

  1. An account with Aha!

  2. An account with Zapier

  3. An account with the application you want to connect Aha! with through Zapier

To get started hooking up Aha! with Zapier, add your Aha! Account to Zapier. You will then be prompted to provide a name for the account, this is used to recognize the account within Zapier. In addition to naming the account you will need to provide the custom Aha! domain you work in. This is the name that comes before the “aha.io” when you login to your Aha! account.

After clicking continue, you will receive a notification from Aha! to either log in if you were not already logged in, or to Authorize the requested access. With these steps complete, your Aha! account will be linked to your Zapier account for creation of this, and future, Zaps.

To start creating connections:

  1. Log into Zapier

  2. Add your Aha! account as a connected account within Zapier

  3. Start creating Zaps!

As a note, using Aha! as the Zapier trigger will require the addition of a webhook within Aha! This is done as follows:

  1. Take the Webhook Zapier provides.

  2. Within Aha!, go to Product Settings Add New Integration.

  3. Add an Activity Webhook if the Zapier Trigger is an Aha! Activity

  4. Add an Integration Webhook if the Zapier Trigger is an Aha! Feature

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