Just Launched! — Use Searchable Filters to Quickly Create Roadmap Views
July 12, 2016

Just Launched! — Use Searchable Filters to Quickly Create Roadmap Views

by Keith Brown

Successful products grow. That’s what we all want, right? And as your product matures, your backlog naturally grows along with it. This means there are more releases, features, ideas, and users to manage. Over time it becomes a chore to find key information.

Historically, product managers would try to manage this ever-growing list of features and ideas across email, Excel, and bug-tracking systems. But that’s inefficient and a frustrating way to capture information and try to keep it organized.

That is why Aha! provides a single system of record to manage your product. And today we launched searchable filters to make it even easier to select the information you need. You can now quickly search and select from over 100 data filters in Aha! to find, filter, and create visual views of information you care about.

There are thousands of ways that you can use searchable filters, but here are several examples to get you started:

Find ideas requested by customers It now takes less time to sort through lists of great product ideas based on who requested what. Swiftly sort ideas in a list view — even if you have thousands of customer ideas. Filter by specific requests from your top customers.

Sort by key team members You can also filter by key team members on your team. Searching for and selecting Aha! users to add to a report takes a few seconds — no matter the size of your team. For example, you could build a report view to display features assigned to specific QA Managers.

Highlight key upcoming features Quickly build a custom features roadmap to share with your team. For example, you can use searchable filters to create a features roadmap filtered by your most important goals. This allows you to only highlight features that are tied to a specific objective.

Search for exactly what you need It’s useful to remind you here that Aha! has powerful search built in. Find anything you are looking for and narrow in by product or record type. For example, find mentions of a device type across all content — or search for features across your products that are tied a mobile Android initiative.

Save and share views After using searchable filters to create the custom views you want, save and share those views with your team. Choose from the Add to Notebook menu to easily share saved views with your team.

Product managers know the frustration of searching for information across a wide variety of applications — customer requests sent via email, prioritized features in spreadsheets, and bug-tracking systems and requirements in documents.

That is why Aha! provides a single place for product managers to manage and easily find everything to ensure your success. Because product managers should be the happiest people on earth.

Sign up for a free Aha! trial — be happy Searchable filters are available to all Aha! customers. If you are not already an Aha! customer, you may want to sign up for a free 30 day trial now. Find out why over 50,000 users trust Aha! to set product strategy, create visual roadmaps, and prioritize releases and features.

Keith Brown

Keith Brown

Keith was a vice president of marketing at Aha! — the world’s #1 product development software.

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