Just Launched! — New Scoring for Better Feature Prioritization
October 4, 2017

Just Launched! — New Scoring for Better Feature Prioritization

by Jessica Groff

How do you prioritize features? This is a common challenge for product managers. And for good reason — feature prioritization is an important and difficult part of the job. You want to keep the team focused on building what matters most, but that looks different for every product team. There is no obvious prioritization scoring methodology that will work perfectly for every company.

With the Aha! scorecard, product teams can rate features based on a set of metrics that are important to their product. And scorecards can be completely customized too — including the metrics, values, weightings, and the equation that is used to calculate the overall feature score.

Our latest update gives you the ability to enter precise values and tab through each metric to quickly score your features.

Your scorecard metrics are as unique as your product. Whether you are managing an enterprise software product, consumer application, or professional services, you can build a scorecard that meets your team’s needs. So we thought it would be helpful to show how these different types of product teams can take advantage of a customized scorecard.

Here are a few examples you can use to start scoring features today:

Drive engagement for your enterprise software product Enterprise products are complex. Naturally, the scoring metrics for prioritizing features can be just as sophisticated. And sometimes you need a fairly large scale to differentiate the value of each feature. In the example below, you can see how quickly you can type in the scores to help identify which features will have the largest impact on engagement.

Identify features that drive downloads of a consumer mobile app Create a scorecard tailored to important metrics so you can identify which features will drive the most downloads of your app. And since those metrics are not always linear, you can configure the sequence type on your scorecard. You can choose from a linear sequence, powers of two, Fibonacci sequence, or even create your own custom sequence.

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Complete your mobile app scorecard using metrics, such as the impact on user activation, referrals, and cost.

Deliver the most profitable offerings for your professional services team Offering new services to clients can drive important add-on business. But when the team is busy, you need to know which new services you should focus on now. Prioritize your backlog based on what will deliver the most revenue. Type values directly into the scorecard to quickly capture larger numbers.

Prioritize product marketing efforts that impact software trials Product marketing teams can use scorecards too! You can prioritize your content backlog so that you deliver only the ones that will drive the most trials. Adding weighting to your scorecard makes prioritizing ideas for new content more objective. In the example below, the scorecard was configured so the trial impact is multiplied 3x.

Configuration Aha! account Administrators can create and configure scorecards. Product Owners and Contributors can use scorecards to rate features and other record types across Aha!

Precise feature scoring in Aha! helps you prioritize based on what matters most to your product and your strategic goals.

Feature prioritization is not easy. But the Aha! scorecard takes the guesswork out of it. So the next time a fellow product manager asks how you prioritize what gets built next, you can answer with confidence.

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Jessica Groff

Jessica Groff

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