New Sentry Extension for Aha! Develop

Connect Aha! Develop and Sentry with the new Sentry extension.

November 4, 2021

New Sentry Extension for Aha! Develop

by Jeff Tucker

Software engineers are responsible for building a performant, reliable product. That includes addressing defects so you can deliver the best possible user experience. But monitoring these errors — and managing the work of fixing them — takes considerable time and effort. So it helps if you can bring all of your work into the same tool. That is why we created importer extensions for tools like GitHub, Zendesk, and now Sentry.

Bring issues from Sentry into Aha! Develop — so you can prioritize production errors alongside everything else that is on the roadmap.

We created a new extension for Sentry that makes it easy to import issues into your backlog in Aha! Develop and view performance data about each one. This gives you the information you need to investigate the problem — without having to toggle between tools.

Let's take a look at what you can do with the new extension:

Import issues from Sentry

Install the Sentry extension and immediately start pulling open issues onto the workflow board in Aha! Develop or add them to an upcoming sprint. Each issue is added as a new feature (or user story) in Develop — with all the essential details from Sentry, such as the error name, message, and stack trace.

Account administrators can install the Sentry extension right from the backlog.

View up-to-date stats

The Sentry view contribution lets you track relevant data for each issue you have imported. Add the Sentry custom field to your feature card layout in Develop, so you can see details about an issue's impact on customers — from the number of times the issue has occurred to the number of users affected. You can also view a graph showing frequency of the issue over the past 30 days — to help you better diagnose its significance.

Changes made to the feature card in Aha! Develop will not sync back to Sentry.

Make it easy to prioritize and view errors alongside other features, so you can get back to making your product even better.

Try the new Sentry extension — or others for GitHub and Zendesk — so you can plan and tackle all of your work in a single tool. And let us know what other extensions you would like to see (and which ones you are building yourself). We love hearing how extensions help you plan and do your best work.

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